Verb Extentsions

Verb Extensions are another interesting characteristic of Changana. By adding a verb extension, the meaning of the verb changes. The tables below show the most common verb extensions and how they are used.

Verb Extension -IW: Passive Voice 

to buyku xavato be boughtku xaviwa
to callku vitanato be calledku vitaniwa
to beatku bato be beatenku biwa
to seeku vonato be seenku voniwa

Celia buys bananas => Celia wa xava tinsenge
The bananas are bought by Celia => A tinsenge ti xaviwa hi Celia


Verb Extension -AN: “each other”

to helpku pfunato help each otherku pfunana
to seeku vonato see each otherku vonana
to beatku bato beat each otherku banana
to hearku twato hear each otherku twanana
(Note: For one-syllable verbs (ku ba, ku twa) the extension is -ANAN rather than -AN.)

Emilio is beating Paulo => Emilio wo ba Paolo
Emilio and Paulo are beating each other => Emilio na Paulo vo banana