Facts & Figures

4 million speakers
According to www.ethnologue.com over 4 million people speak Changana as their first language. It is mainly spoken in South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Dialect or language?
Changana, Ronga, Xitswa and Tsonga are considered dialects of the same language. Tsonga is an official language spoken in Soutern Africa.

Changana vs. Ronga
In Mozambique, Ronga is the dialect which is mainly spoken around the capital Maputo. Changana is spoken in the southern provinces of Gaza and Inhambane.

Forbidden language

Under Portuguese Colonisation Changana was a forbidden and despised language. Even today in many local schools, the students are not allowed to speak Changana.

Swiss missionaries teaching Changana

Swiss missionaries who came to Mozambique in the early 20th century started to teach the local Mozambicans in their Changana language.