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  1. Sayuka Reply

    Hi Dominik, this is the great website!! I just started learnign changana but didn’t have much material to study by myselff. When I found your website, I said “Hallelujah” in my heart. Your website is very organaized and easy to understand. Khnimambo!!

  2. Nico Reply

    What a great website! Congratulations and thank you for the incredible work. Khanimambo!!!

  3. David Reply

    Great website! I grew up in Mozambique but never learnt the language. As I plan on moving back I am eager to get into it and found all this useful information at my disposal directly on your website, so thank you so much! I really appreciate your work and I am sure I will be able to learn quickly thanks to you!

    Cheers for now,

    • Dominik Reply

      Hey David

      Cool that you are coming back to your roots!
      Enjoy Mozambique and learning Changana!

      Best Dominik

  4. Luiz zimba Reply

    Am really grateful for this cool website. Wish to learn more from you guys.
    thank! thanks

  5. Vitorino H. Nyavotso Reply


    I’m very impressed about this website. This is the only one I’ve ever seen (…) Well done for the initiative. Keep it up.

    Nitsakile ngopfu hi website leli. No sangula kuvona swakutani. Aswifêni. Yana phambêni nintirhu lowu.

  6. silvia salinas lopez Reply

    Good evening! I live in Spain. 15 yeras ago I was adopted in Maputo, Mozambique, where I was born. Since I was only 4 years old, I did not learned to speak changana.
    Thanks to this website I’m learning this language.
    So thanks a lot!

    • Dominik Reply

      Wow what a great post. Thanks for this and I hope you enjoy discovering your roots!
      Best regards

  7. Ines Reply

    Wow, I´m just so surprised and happy that I found your website. I lived one year in Mozambique and first I had to learn Portuguese. Later on I also tried to learn Changana but I had a hard time learning with other people because when I started asking “What means….in Changana/Portuguese” they often couldn´t really explain that well or lost themselves in stories 🙂
    So thanks a lot for this site!

    • Dominik Reply

      Great news, Ines! Very happy to hear you like the site. I know what you mean, I have also run into the same problem. I guess part of the reason is that local languages are not taught in school in Mozambique. While many Mozambicans speak their local language they have never learned it properly and sometimes struggle when it comes to grammar and explaining. They will always love seeing foreigners interested in their language though.

  8. Jenifa Aissa Reply

    Ni tsakile swinene he webisite ledzi, kanimanbo hi kussa munwane ne munwane a ta yi dondza a xichangana yeru.

  9. ameer konnola Reply

    hi, i am indian from Kerala, southern partof India, our language is Malayalam.
    greetings and best wishes to you for this Changana website.
    What is the meaning of word Changana, etymology of Changana?
    Best regards


    • Dominik Reply

      Changana has its name from Soshangane, a warrior sent out by the Zulu King Shaka to conquer the Tsonga people in the area of present-day Mozambique.

  10. Nik Reply

    Brilliant website, really useful to help me learn some basic phrases for s forth coming trip to Boane District. Thank you 🙂

  11. Maryke Reply

    Thanks this is great! Could I email you for some medical/rehab phrases?

  12. Eduarda Reply

    Somebody is talking about audio files on Changana. Where are they? And do you have a audio file showing the accent of each word? That will be really nice…thank you for this site. Very good.

    • Dominik Reply

      Hi Eduarda

      check the sections basic phrases and Top 200 contain audio files. To understand how words are pronounced check out the section read & pronounce

      Best regards

  13. Regi Reply

    Hoi Dom!
    Das isch ja de Hit! Miin Grossvater hät mer au immer gseit: Lärn Sprache! Das isch wichtig, dänn häsch en Schlüssel zu de Mänsche! Dom, das häsch sehr guet gmacht! Ich bewundere dich!
    liebi Grüess Regi

  14. Heather Reply

    you know how many hours i have spent searching the net for a website such as this… Thanks for creating such a great resource to learn the language…

  15. Sandra Reply

    Hi Dom
    Great Website. How do you say “I am hungry” in Changana?
    Thanks in advance

    • Dominik Reply

      Hi Sandra
      Thanks for your interest and positive feedback. This would be “Nitwa ndlala”.
      Let me know about anything else you would like to know. Glad to help

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